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First semester courses
AITB1001 History of Rev. and Ataturk' S Princip. - I
YDI1001 English - I XX
INT1001 Introduction to Political ScienceXXXXXX X X
IKT1005 Introduction to Economics X X X X X X X X
KAM1000 Constitutional LawXXXXXXXX
TDB1001 Turkish Language - I X X
ULS1003 Political History - I X X XX X XX
Second semester courses
ULS1002 State, Society, and Religion X XXXX X X
AITB1000 History of Rev. and Ataturk' S Princip. - II X X
TDB1000 Turkish Language - IIXXXXX
ULS1006 Political History - II X X XX XX
ULS1004 Political Sociology X XXX X XXX
INT1000 Introduction to International RelationsXXXXX XXX
YDI1002 English - IIXXXXX XX
Thir semester courses
ULS2005 World History IXXXXXXXX
ULS2001 The History of Political Thoughts X X X X X X X X
ULS2017 Turkish Political Life IXXXXXXXX
ULS2013 Theories of International RelationsXX XXXXX
ULS2019 Professional English-IXXX X XXXX
ULS2011 Turkey and Middle EastXXXXXXXX
Fourth semester courses
ULS2018 International Law XX X X XXXX
INT2000 Black Sea Basin and RegionalismX X XX X X XX
ULS2000 Turkish Political History IIXXXXXXXX
ULS2016 World History-IIXX X XXXXX
ULS2010 Comparative PoliticsXXXXX XXX
ULS2002 Turkey and Far East XXX XXXX X
ULS2014 Turkey and BalkansXXXX X XXX
ULS2020 Professional English-II
Fifth semester courses
INT3001 International Political EconomyXX XXXXX
YDI3001 Dip. Wri. and Spea. Tech. in Eng. - IXXXX XXXX
ULS3007 International Organizations and UNXXXXXXXX
ULS3013 Turkish Foreign Policy IXX X X X XXX
USEC0001 History of Science X X
ULS3009 Crisis Management in Foreign PolicyXXXXX XXX
ULS3005 World Energy PoliticsXX XXXXX
ULS3015 Academic English-I
sixth semester courses
INT3000 Turkey and European UnionXXXXX XXX
YDI3000 Dip. Wri. and Spea.Tech. in Eng. - IIXXX X XXXX
ULS3004 International Security and PeaceXX XXXXX
ULS3006 Turkish Foreign Policy IIXXXXX XXX
ULS3016 Democracy TheoriesXXXXXXXX
ULS3018 .
ULS3010 Global Environmental ProblemsXXXX XX XX
ULS3008 Regionalism and Global PoliticsXX XXXXX
Seventh semester courses
ULS4013 International TerrorismXXXXXXXX
ULS4009 International Current ProblemsX XX X X X X X
INT4007 Turkey and EurasiaXX XXXXX
ULS4017 English For Business-I
ULS4023 .Rising powers and Global politicsXXX X X X XX
Eighth semester courses
ULS4006 .Conflict Resolution And Mediation
ULS4018 Public Diplomacy and Smart Power XXXXXXXX
ULS4004 War, New War and the Liberal StateXXXXXXXX
INT4000 Globalization and International Development
ULS4000 Graduation Project
ULS4026 .
ULS4012 International Developments After the Cold WarXXXX XXXX
INT4002 English For Business-II

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