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Objectives of the Programme :
The department aims at providing its students with a broad knowledge in all fields of landscape architecture, developing students ability to determine and solve landscape architectural problems, educating students to have sufficient knowledge and experience on designing, planning and managing for open and green spaces regarding user requirements and demands.
Learning Outcomes of the Programme :
Upon successful completion of this programme, students will be able to :
LO-1 : gain extensive knowledge about related theories, concepts, different approaches and techniques in architecture, landscape architecture and environmental psychology, and construct novel theoretical frames and approaches by applying these knowledge to landscape architecture research problem.
LO-2 : provide scientific findings having practical benefits for landscape architecture applications by conducting multi-discipliner researches about environmental perception, cognition, and behavior theories and methodologies in human-environment interaction context.
LO-3 : Provide skill for propagation of every kind of plants used for their aesthetic and functional characteristics in planting design of landscape architecture and solving the problems in the process of propagation.
LO-4 : Gain the skill for making structural and planting design for special and problematic areas and solving the problems encountered in planting design.
LO-5 : make tourism and recreation planning at protected areas which is respectful to environmental values in these areas by becoming knowledgeable about the protected area forms.
LO-6 : develop necessary skills in order to make greenway plans which can construct an urban-rural relationship and urban green area networks which can construct a high quality open space concept
LO-7 : provide the skill for oral and written communication
LO-8 : have the responsibility for the discipline and moral approaches
LO-9 : give some information about national and international modern problems
LO-10 : give some information about quality management
LO-11 : provide the skills for team work both in the discipline and with other disciplines
LO-12 : provide the skill for taking responsibility and being independent, plus, giving creativeness
LO-13 : provide the skill for learning during the life