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The Department of Forestry Engineering has been part of the Karadeniz Technical University since 1971. In the early years until 1978, education was mostly supported by academicians coming from University of Istanbul, Faculty of Forestry. With a total of 64 staff members, the department is now one of the strongest departments in Turkey.
Qualification Awarded  
The students who have successfully completed all of the thought courses of the programme with 240 ECTS credits, achieved a CGPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and had a pass grade from the Professional placement period and the report prepared therein are given Bachelor's Degree in FORESTRY ENGINEERING
Level of Qualification:  First Cycle Degree  
Mode of Study:  Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements  
1 - High school diploma, 2 - Obtaining the required grade from National University Entrance and Placement Exam (ÖSS), 3 - Placement certificate issued by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (OYS), 4 - English proficiency (500 from TOEFL / 6 from IELTS)
Recognition of Prior Learning  
Recognition of prior learning is at the beginning stage in the Turkish Higher Education System. Karadeniz Technical University and hence the Department of Forest Engeneering is no exception to this. However, exams of exemption are organised at the start of each term at the University for courses compulsory in the curriculum, such as Foreign Languages and Basic Computing. The students who have completed the learning process for these courses on his/her own or through other means, and believe that they have achieved the learning outcomes specified are given the right to take the exemption exam. The students who achieve a passing grade from these exams are held exempt from the related course in the curriculum, and this grade is entered into the transcript of the student.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations  
To be able to secure the bachelor's degree in the field of Forestry (and thus title of Forest Engineer) the students are required to(a) have passed all courses in the curiculum with a grade of at least DC form the,(b) have achieved a cumulative gross point average of at least 2.00 out of 4.00, (c) completed the compulsory practical placement period of 60 days at least at two diferent places and had a passing grade for the reports prepared for these placements,(d) prepared a graduation thesis, submitted and successfully defended with a passing grade.
Profile of the Programme  
The Department of Forest Engeneering has a training system for teaching students inorder to be engineers which are protect and sustain forests, act services for todays and future society, make plans, act plans and control plans for supporting forest products.
Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations  
Success in lessons are performed with examinations. For each lesson except laboratory, one mid-exam is compulsory but the next one should be done as homework, project and seminar etc. At the end of the term final examination is done. Either scores gotten during term or final examination score have %50 contribution on the general success score. A student must take at least 45 points from final examination. Contribution of the first examination is %30 and interm working has %20 contribution on general success score as well. A student must join %70 of the lessons and %80 of the laboratories. If a student is not successful although he/she got continuation from the lesson, participation to the examinations is necessary but joining lessons is not compulsory for the repetition term.
Graduation Requirements  
After 8 midterm in license programme student gets Forest Engineer caption. In its education programme there is a training programme for two months inorder to introduce profession closely. Students have to finish programme in 7 years. Students have to get minimum 2.0 graduating average of 4.0 in total for finishing the programme.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates  
Students have chance in taking duty in constitution of four General Directorate of Forest Ministry other public foundations. Also private sector has a great employement capacity. Graduated students could be able to establish their own firms in order to do professional facilities such as technical expertise, environmental arrangements, sapling cultivation, nusery technique, preparing study-project and application.
Access to Further Studies  
In Forest Engineering Department there is a upper graduate programme under control of Karadeniz Technical University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Graduate school offers both master degree and PhD degree.
Contact Information  
Postal Adress  KTÜ Orman Fak 61080 TRABZON
Phone          : 3772805
Fax              : 3257499
E-Mail          : ombaskanlik@ktu.edu.tr
Web Adress :  http://www.orman.ktu.edu.tr/om/index.html
Departmental Facilities : 
Department has the following laboratories for both teaching and research: Soils and Ecology Laboratory, Watershed Management Laboratory, Tissue Culture Laboratory, Remote Sensing Laboratory, Forest Management, Forest Botany Laboratory, Geodesy and Photogrammetry Laboratory, Forest Economics Laboratory, Forest Entomology Laboratory, Seed and physiology laboratory, Wildlife Museum, Computers Laboratory and GIS Laboratory