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BESIKDUZU VOCATIONAL JUNIOR COLLAGE / Accounting and Taxation / Accounting And Tax Practices
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Program was opened in 2002.
Qualification Awarded  
The lessons are available in the program who have successfully completed all of the Associate Degree in Accounting and Tax diploma is issued. Graduates are given the title of the Accounting Profession Element.
Level of Qualification:  Short Cycle Degree  
Mode of Study:  Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements  
1 - High school diploma from the school,
2 - University licence placement exam (LYS) to enough points,
3 - Vocational School for the field (accounting, etc..) Is a preference to graduates.
Recognition of Prior Learning  
Higher education in Turkey established in the initial phase than predecessor öğenimin recognition process. Therefore, all programs of the Black Sea Technical University in recognition of the predecessor of education is not fully initialized. However, the chapters contained in the compulsory curriculum for courses such as basic computer and English at the beginning of each semester exam exemption is held. These courses on their own to complement the learning process or learning outcomes in different ways, this course provides students who think that this can have the right to take exams. Examinee from students who succeed in the curriculum of the course will be exempt from.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations  
Over 4.00 for graduation, students must have average academic 2:00 and each exam must be successfully completed. In addition, a total of 40 days of professional training should also be made successfully.
Profile of the Programme  
The purpose of the program to the public and private sector enterprises to train students with the title element of the accounting profession. Program 2 year training period in the 4 semesters comprising a training structure has. 1. Class curriculum in the general culture courses, as well as basic professional (field) courses are also included. 2. Class curriculum in specialization intended profession (field) courses weight carries.
Program Accounting Profession in the for accounting and tax practices density contain, while business and operations related to the production, management, marketing and law-related competencies gained are. Classes in most application-oriented arrangements have been made.
1 of the program Classes end 20-day vocational training, 2 Class at the end of the 20-day vocational training to be a total of 40 days professional training period takes place. Thus, the theory-practice opportunity can be ensured.
Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations  
1 midterm, 1 Final Exam interior work is performed. Examinations written, oral, practical, assignments, projects, research, seminars, presentations, etc.. could look like. How to make the examination of the beginning of each semester students will be notified. Passing grade, midterm 50%, with 50% of the final examination.
Graduation Requirements  
All of the courses available in the program who have successfully completed at least a 2.0 weighted grade ortlaması obtain professional who have successfully completed the internship, students have graduated with the title ELEMENT ACCOUNTING PROFESSION are entitled to.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates  
This program of public institutions and businesses with the accounting department able to undertake responsibility for accounting or legal requirements in providing service after the open and able to run on his own behalf at work is to train qualified manpower. Students who have graduated from the program as well as entrepreneurs and employees in public and private sectors can work. Within the framework of their own particular areas of interest banking, insurance and accounting can work in the field. Satisfy those who want legal obligation, the accounting profession can exercise their own bureaus.
Access to Further Studies  
Examination by entering the vertical transition, the quota allocated by OSYM the following 4-year faculty may enroll in the program.
Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Business, Accounting Information Systems, International Finance, Accounting and Finance Education, International Trade, Accounting and Financial Management, International Business.
Contact Information  
Postal Adress  Vardallı Mahallesi, A. Dumanoğlu Bulvarı, No: 1, 61800, Beşikdüzü / TRABZON
Phone          : 8716922
Fax              : +90 462 871 74 24
E-Mail          : tbasfirinci@ktu.edu.tr
Web Adress : http://www.bmyo.edu.tr/
Departmental Facilities : 
There are 2 permanent teaching staff in the program. In case you need to be done by entrusting teaching staff can be provided.
Program-related classes, computer labs, sports and cultural events and other training equipment is available for the media.