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DIS 442Rastorative Dental Treatments1+2+0ECTS:6
Year / SemesterFall Semester
Level of CourseSecond Cycle
Status Compulsory
Prerequisites and co-requisitesNone
Mode of Delivery
Contact Hours14 weeks - 1 hour of lectures and 2 hours of practicals per week
LecturerDoç. Dr. Güneş BULUT EYÜBOĞLU
Language of instructionTurkish
Professional practise ( internship ) None
The aim of the course:
Term 4 intern students will be taught the issues to be considered in the construction of composite restorative treatments and aesthetic restorations, the importance of ergonomics, diagnosis and treatment planning of initial caries lesions, diagnosis and treatment planning in cases that affect patient comfort such as whitening treatments, dentin hypersensitivity, cracked tooth syndrome, is aimed to explain and apply the points that need to be taken into consideration in the diagnosis and treatment of minimal invasive applications, white spot lesions, the importance of repairing restorations, and in which cases repair or renewal of restoration should be made.
Learning OutcomesCTPOTOA
Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to :
LO - 1 : Explains the importance of ergonomics. Explains and applies the posture rules that the dentist must pay attention to during dental treatment.1,41,
LO - 2 : Lists the etiological factors of cracked tooth syndrome, makes its differential diagnosis, lists and applies treatment options.1,41,
LO - 3 : Explains local and systemic reasons of tooth discoloration, vital and devital whitening techniques.1,41,
LO - 4 : Explains and applies the etiology of Dentin Hypersensitivity and its treatments at home and in the office.1,41,
LO - 5 : Explains the purposes of applying cavity disinfectants and which agents are used in cavity disinfection.1,41,
LO - 6 : Defines minimally invasive dentistry. Explains the treatment planning of minimally invasive dentistry, observes.1,41,
LO - 7 : Explains and performs the rules to be taken into consideration in the restoration of composite fillings and aesthetic anterior restorations.1,41,
LO - 8 : Explains treatment options for faulty restorations. Explains and implements the situations in which repair and renewal should be carried out.1,41,
LO - 9 : Lists and explains the usage areas of fibers in dentistry and the advantages and disadvantages of fiber-reinforced materials.1,41,
LO - 10 : Explains the definition of white spot lesions, the causes of their formation, and what should be taken into consideration in their diagnosis and anamnesis. Explains the treatment methods of white spot lesions.1,41,
CTPO : Contribution to programme outcomes, TOA :Type of assessment (1: written exam, 2: Oral exam, 3: Homework assignment, 4: Laboratory exercise/exam, 5: Seminar / presentation, 6: Term paper), LO : Learning Outcome

Contents of the Course
The importance of ergonomics, posture rules to be considered during treatment, etiologies, diagnosis and treatment planning and differential diagnosis of conditions that affect patient comfort such as cracked tooth syndrome, dentin hypersensitivity, halithozis, treatment options for tooth discoloration and the contents of the agents used in these treatments. knowledge, explaining the situations in which restorations need to be repaired and renewed and knowing which one should be chosen in which cases, types of remineralization agents, explaining the purpose of minimally invasive dentistry and treatment planning for it, explaining the points to be considered in the construction of composite restorations and front tooth aesthetic restorations and color selection, and It includes the application, explanation and implementation of the points to be considered in the diagnosis and treatment of white spot lesions.
Course Syllabus
 WeekSubjectRelated Notes / Files
 Week 1Ergonomics and Posture Rules
 Week 2Cracked Tooth Syndrome
 Week 3Tooth Discolorations and Bleaching Techniques 1
 Week 4Tooth Discolorations and Bleaching Techniques 2
 Week 5Dentin Hypersensitivity 1
 Week 6Dentin Hypersensitivity 2
 Week 7Bad Breath (Halitosis), Diagnosis and Treatment Methods
 Week 8Toothbrushes and Pastes
 Week 9Cavity Disinfectants
 Week 10Minimally Invasive Dentistry
 Week 11Overview of Composite Restorations
 Week 12Repair and Replacements of Restorations
 Week 13Color and Color Perception
 Week 14 Anterior Esthetic Restorations
 Week 15Fiber Reinforced Composite Resins
 Week 16Treatment of White Spot Lesions
Textbook / Material
Recommended Reading
Method of Assessment
Type of assessmentWeek NoDate

Duration (hours)Weight (%)
Mid-term exam 15
19.12.2023, 22.05.2024 1 50
End-of-term exam 33 28.06.2024 1 50
Student Work Load and its Distribution
Type of workDuration (hours pw)

No of weeks / Number of activity

Hours in total per term
Yüz yüze eğitim 1 28 28
Arasınav için hazırlık 1 5 5
Arasınav 1 2 2
Klinik Uygulama 20 4 80
Dönem sonu sınavı için hazırlık 1 4 4
Dönem sonu sınavı 1 1 1
Total work load120