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Katalog Ana Sayfa
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SBY 5012S. R. T. and Research-Publication Ethics3+0+0ECTS:7.5
Year / SemesterFall Semester
Level of CourseSecond Cycle
Status Compulsory
Prerequisites and co-requisitesNone
Mode of DeliveryFace to face, Group study
Contact Hours14 weeks - 3 hours of lectures per week
Co-LecturerProf. Dr. Gamze ÇAN Prof. Dr. Ersan KALAY Prof. Dr. İsmail. ABİDİN
Language of instructionTurkish
Professional practise ( internship ) None
The aim of the course:
To inform the students about scientific research techniques and ethics in research and publications, and to teach legal legislation related to research.
Programme OutcomesCTPOTOA
Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to :
PO - 1 : Counts and explains ethical values 1,3
PO - 2 : In accordance with ethical procedures, plans a research and be able to write a manuscript 1,3
PO - 3 : Counts the ethics committees and can prepare the appropriate application form for these councils1,3
PO - 4 : Explain the stages of the planning and realization of a scientific work 1,3
PO - 5 : Can use the programs of writing thesis, article etc. in accordance with appropriate procedures 1,3
CTPO : Contribution to programme outcomes, TOA :Type of assessment (1: written exam, 2: Oral exam, 3: Homework assignment, 4: Laboratory exercise/exam, 5: Seminar / presentation, 6: Term paper), PO : Learning Outcome

Contents of the Course
Ethics and morality / Ethical values / Illegal behavior, causes and consequences / Legal legislation / Ethics committees / Scientific research techniques / Project preparation / Publication writing / Publication writing and plagiarism programs.
Course Syllabus
 WeekSubjectRelated Notes / Files
 Week 1Responsibilities of the Scientist, Ethics and Morality, Ethical values
 Week 2Rules of behaviour, Occupational Ethics, Mentorship
 Week 3Ethics Committees, Helsinki Declaration, HRD Guidance, Informed Consent
 Week 4Laboratory Ethics, Animal Research Ethics
 Week 5Unethical Behaviors
 Week 6Causes of Unethical Behavior in Science, Responsible persons for publication ethics
 Week 7Behaviors Conforming to Ethical Values, Laws Related to Ethics and Legal Dimension
 Week 8Scientific Research, Classification Of Scientific Researches
 Week 9Midterm exam
 Week 10Scientific research techniques, Informative methods
 Week 11Preparing a Scientific Research Project According to Various Institutions
 Week 12Finalization of the Research and And Report Writing
 Week 13Types of Scientific Publications, Considerations in Writing an Article
 Week 14Programs used in writing an article and a thesis
 Week 15Use of plagiarism programs
 Week 16Final exam
Textbook / Material
1Arda B, Kahya E,Gül TB. Bilim Etiği ve Bilim Tarihi. Ankara Üniversitesi. 2009. ISBN9789754828108
2TUBA Bilim Etiği Komitesi. Bilimsel Araştırmada Etik ve Sorunları. TUBA Yy. 2002. ISBN9758593129
Recommended Reading
1Çavdar AO. Kanser ve Etik. TUBA Y. 2004. ISBN9758593617
Method of Assessment
Type of assessmentWeek NoDate

Duration (hours)Weight (%)
Mid-term exam 9 2 30
Homework/Assignment/Term-paper 15 4 20
End-of-term exam 16 3 50
Student Work Load and its Distribution
Type of workDuration (hours pw)

No of weeks / Number of activity

Hours in total per term
Yüz yüze eğitim 3 14 42
Sınıf dışı çalışma 5 14 70
Laboratuar çalışması 4 8 32
Arasınav 2 1 2
Ödev 4 14 56
Dönem sonu sınavı için hazırlık 2 15 30
Dönem sonu sınavı 3 1 3
Total work load235